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Chocolat Café

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

8am - 1pm  


Specialty Coffee

We roast our own coffee and tailor our coffee recipes accordingly.  Our signature cold brew is a twenty-four hour brewing process using our roasted coffee beans and Kentucky spring water.  We then infuse it with nitrogen and add our own creamer to finish it off.

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We offer a generous selection of pastries and baked goods.  The menu is fluid and we often experiment with different flavor combinations.  Check Facebook or Instagram to find the menu of the day.  Items such as our Fruit Danish, Cream Horns, & Cheesecakes are typically everyday options.



We craft bean to bar chocolate and always have a good selection of bars on hand.  Seasonally we will offer other confections such as Chocolate Covered Strawberries and our Traditional Boxed Chocolates that are made from a family recipe.

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