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Nestled in the hills of Appalachia is this modern unique inn & café.  Offering eight custom designed rooms with international decor.  Enjoy all the surrounding nature in the Daniel Boone National Forest and in the Red River Gorge plus be pampered with gourmet chocolates and specialty coffee at the inn, all made on-site.  

In The News

Chocolat Inn & Café: Sweet hidden gem in Beattyville

Kentucky Living Magazine

Team Chocolat

Husband & Wife Dynamic Duo - Modern Day Mom & Pops


Do you allow pets?
  - Sorry, we don't have any pet friendly rooms.

When is Check-in & Check-out?
Typically Check-in is after 5pm, Check-out is 11am.  Flexibility is possible if contacted in advance.

When is too late to check-in?
If you need to check in after 10pm please contact us before booking your room.

What is the best way to contact you?
Please email us or send a message on Facebook or Instagram.  We typically can't answer the phone but can usually respond timely to a message.

How We Operate

The day of your reservation we will contact you about your desired check-in time.  We will meet you at that time and personally check you in.  We don't have someone here just waiting around so communication is very important to us.


During your check-in we will schedule a time for your breakfast. If you have any allergies or food you don't eat please specify those in the notes section of your reservation.


During your stay we won't be changing out anything in your room unless requested.  We live on the premises and can provide assistance if needed.


We are currently working on a two night minimum stay.  If you only need one night please feel free to contact us.

Currently some web browsers are having issues with our booking system.  If your booking fails, please try a different browser.

If you try to book a room then back out of the reservation the software will hold that room for around 30mins before allowing it to be selected again.

Don't use the "Let's Chat" feature if it appears.  It doesn't function properly.

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