Our dark roast is roasted until a sheen of oil starts to form on the surface.  The origin flavors are now eclipsed by the flavors of the roasting process, opposite of the light roast. You will be experiencing a slighly bitter coffee with smoky notes. 

Our medium roast has more body than our light roast.  However, our medium roast lacks the grainy taste of the light roast, exhibiting more balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity.  Also, the taste becomes less mild and you start to experience the bitter notes in coffee that we are all use to. 

Our light roast has a light body and no oil on the surface of the beans, a toasted grain taste and pronounced acidity. The origin flavors of the bean, in this case Colombia, are retained to a greater extent than in darker roasted coffees. You experience the taste of the bean and not the roast.  Light roasts also retain most of the caffeine from the coffee bean due to the bean being more dense from less roasting time.

Colombia Whole Bean Coffee