2022 Craft Chocolat Challenge

A Chocolate Contest, for Chocolate Makers, by a Chocolate Maker!
Registration is Closed
2022 Craft Chocolat Challenge

Challenge Judging

Jan 15, 7:00 PM
Location is TBD

How to Enter

Register by clicking the link and filling out the form for each bar you want to enter.  Select the category that best fits your bar, Dark, Milk, White, or Inclusion.  Send 11 of those bars to us before January 13th.  Send bars to:

Chocolat Inn & Café - Dustin Cornett

1165 Highway 11 S

Beattyville, KY 41311

We will do the judging the weekend of January 15th and email you the results as soon as possible with all the market research, feedback, and prize logos.  There is also a physical award we will mail out as well.  We will also promote your business and bars on social media.

This is a no cost market research exercise with the fun and challenge of a competition. You win either way, whether it's the contest or from all the feedback you will receive to help your business move forward. From culinary experts, chocolate makers, to just people that love and buy chocolate you will get insights from all of them from how your bar looks, tastes, and so on. You share your chocolate, we share our knowledge and we grow together.

This challenge is for Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers.  It is geared to be more beneficial for small companies but any size maker from any location can enter if they meet the craft chocolate criteria we have put in place for this challenge.  That simply put is, you need to know where your cacao is from and state that.  If you aren't big enough to do your own roasting then Nib to Bar is fine, we all had to start somewhere as long as the cacao is ethically sourced.  You'll need to fill out a form per entry and we allow up to 5 entries per maker.  Once that is completed you can send your bars at any time as long as they arrive before January 13th, 2022.  We need 11 bars for each entry to give to the panel of judges.  They need to be full size, meaning the size you sell them at.  If you have packaging for your bar then please send them in that as we can prodvide feedback for that as well.  (Packaging will not count towards points for challenge)  If you don't have packaging then you must provide an ingredients label on each bar for food safety.  Your chocolate will be judged for the challenge as well as part of a market research study.  We will provide you with all of the feedback we require judges to provide us with and these individuals will be from several backgrounds.  We wont reveal the individual but you will know their background as that is part of the research.  Questions on your form will come into play on the research end as well, so be as accurate as possible so we can get you the best information to advance your craft.

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